All of my work is done with a reverence for fine artistry and workmanship; I work in a careful and meticulous manner that ensures quality workmanship. Whether working with wood or on painted surfaces we strive to produce the highest quality work possible.I continue to educate myself regarding the latest finish technology, keeping up to date on new finishes and techniques, as they are made available. I have an expertly trained crew who are capable and professional in all aspects of painting and finishing.



As a professional finisher, I have the experience and knowledge to assess the full scope of your project; I can make a recommendation regarding the maintenance of your home, including exterior painting, interior painting, cabinets, doors, boats, or other wood applications. I can suggest a finish that will meet the needs of your situation and help to protect your investment.


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For 20 years Liz has provided exterior and interior wood treatment and finishing work for me, including three of my homes and also my boat. Liz is a thorough and knowledgeable professional, and stresses high quality, long-lasting results. She has a sterling reputation not only with her clients, but also with other professionals. -G.Lawson