Architectural finishes are a considerable part of my work. I have been involved in a variety of projects to include craftsman style homes and architecturally renowned houses.

Some of the architects of these projects include: Miller–Hull, Tom Bosworth, Christopher Day, Michael Canatsey and Tabasinske and Associates to name a few.

I have also completed work on a number of commercial projects to include: Grace Church, the Port Stanley School, lopez village market, the Community Church, Center Church and Lopez Island Vineyards. I have worked on cabinets, wood trim, doors, windows and custom furniture such as built-in book shelves and window seats.

Miller–Hull Partnership, LLP: Recipients of numerous awards including the 2003 AIA Housing Architecture Firm Award and a 2007 AIA Housing Award for best housing design.

  • Cabin, Decatur Island

  • Cabin, Decatur Island

  • Island Cabin and Studio, Decatur Island

  • House at Ebey’s Landing, Whidbey Island

These homes are featured in the following books:

  • Watersides Home, (Novotny Cabin)

  • Ten Houses, Rockport Publishers, 2000 (Gorton/Bounds Cabin)

  • The Face of Home, Taunton Press, 2006 (Roundy Home)

Tom Bosworth, Architect: AIA Seattle 2003 Medalist.

  • Decatur Island House with view of Thatcher Pass

  • Decatur Island Highlands House

Featured in the Book: Building with Light in the Pacific Northwest – The Houses of Thomas L. Bosworth, Architect

Howard S. “Pete” Peterson, Architect

  • Rosario Straight Residence, Lopez Island

Tabasinske and Associates, Architects

Ted Bower, Architect

  • Cross Road Residence, Lopez Island

Greene Partners Architecture and Design

Christopher Day, Architect: his projects have won several awards including a Prince of Wales award.

  • Decatur Island Home

george suyama, architect

  • lopez island residence, 1998

Michael Canatsey, Architect: AIA 1981 Merit Award as well as other awards and publications.

  •  Hilltop Vacation Home, Decatur Island

  • South Beach Vacation Home, Decatur Island